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azores marlin fishing


During a short three month season and with relatively few boats, the small picturesque
remote island Port of Horta provides some of the World's finest blue marlin fishing
  • 25% of current Blue Marlin World Records (on conventional tackle until 2019

  • 6 Blue Marlin “granders” since 2016  (20% of the total caught worldwide during same period)

  • the most blue marlin ever caught in the Azores - 112  by one boat in one season (Capt. Les Gallagher) 

  • the largest blue marlin ever landed in the Azores - 1310 lb (Capt. Les Gallagher)

  • direct access to the world renowned Condor Bank, Azores Bank and North Coast of Faial

  • average weight of fish since 30 years remains above  500 lb

Times gone by - Capt. Les Gallagher on the 40´ Blackwatch;  The Brasilia (2009-2022)
azores marlin fishing

With 37 years of blue marlin fishing in the Azores plus extensive big fish experience in Ghana, Ascension and Cape Verde, Capt. Les Gallagher and his team are pleased to offer excellent briefing and instruction whilst leading both experienced and first time anglers to maximise their blue marlin fishing experience (speaking English and Portuguese). 

We are dedicated to sharing extensive knowledge, appreciation and respect for the ocean whilst catching big fish and releasing them safely. We also make considerable effort to record and photograph precious memories for both ourselves and our anglers. Recording exceptional moments for our anglers during the “catch and successful release” of fish is important to us.

Since 2023,  Capt. Les Gallagher is now co-owner and fishing exclusively with the Double Header

"Photographing and recording precious fishing experiences
for our anglers and ourselves is important to us"

azores marlin fishing

Angler Kareem Linjawi, fishing from Horta since 2006 and ready to release his 80th blue marlin caught in the Azores

Angler Tiago Cunha and his son Manuel, with 1 of 2  blue marlin released during a 1 day charter on the Brasilia on the last day of fishing (October 13) for 2022

Brasilia - Azores Bank, October 2022 - Capt. Les Gallagher


with an 800 already rocketing for the horizon and our only angler Galen Street scrambling into the chair we were all shocked and exhilarated to have a larger 1,100lb-plus fish explode from the surface jumping away from us on the crash bite. After a shocking burst of speed, our grander turned to come back at us straight through the centre of what was left of our spread. Head shaking, massive, fast and powering directly towards us, it was silhouetted against the explosions of white water trailing behind. With throttles wide open and Brasilia turning away from its path, our courses finally widened. After clearing the other lines and getting the rod with the grander to covering board, our mate Max turned to the bridge to politely and inquisitively asking “Les, what do I do?"  “I think you'll have to fight that one from the rod holder Max”, I replied. Unfortunately, we pulled the hook on our grander after 15 minutes, but did go on to finish the day with 4 fish released of 450, 650, 750 and 800lb. After being in the chair and hooked up with two giants on two roaring 130s right next to him, Galen freely admitted later to having been completely terrified.

RAZF146 copy.jpg

Angler Galen Street, with 1 of 8 blue marlin released during a 3 days of charter on the Brasilia  - Oct, 2022

AZF144 copy 2.jpg

Angler Kevin Saekel with 1 of 6 blue marlin (300, 450, 500, 550, 650 and 700lb) released during a 2 day charter on the Brasilia - Oct, 2022

Angler Jake Pose from Alabama, with 1 of 7 blue marlin (600, 750, 600, 800, 700, 800 and 900lb) released during a 3 day charter on the Brasilia - late Sept, 2022

AZF138 copy 2.jpg

Angler Uli Laux with 1 of 12 blue marlin (500, 700, 300, 400, 700, 300, 750, 300, 500, 300, 800 and 450lb) released during 6 days of bait & switch on 30lb and 50lb gear - Sept, 2022

Anglers Wayne and Diana Russel from Miami with 1 of 4 blue marlin (400, 500, 550 and 750lb) released during a 3 day charter on the Brasilia - Aug, 2022


Angler Tom Graham, with 1 of his 13  blue marlin released during a 6 day charter on the Brasilia during the last week of September 2020

Brasilia - North Coast of Faial, September 2019 - Capt. Les Gallagher


Another double header starts with a firmly hooked 700 heading for the horizon followed by a fat 800 that scooped up an incoming lure and then headed in the opposite direction down-sea. We prevailed staying between the fish and with 200m left on one reel and 150m on the other, luck was with us as our up-sea fish turned, sped past us to catch up with and overtake the 800 that had slowed further down-sea of us. Brasilia started on yet another long down-sea chase, but this time after 2 big fish. Eventually we found ourselves once again stretched out between the two fish - simply unbelievable fishing!

azores marlin fishing

Angler Kareem Linjawi, ready to release an 800, the second fish out of double with the first fish of 700 already released.

Brasilia - Condor Bank, September 2019 - Capt. Les Gallagher


The swells had become long and easy as we made our way up onto the bank - a collidascope of undulating radiant blue with a sunlight piercing far into the depths. Endless schools of mackerels were gorging on sparkling schools of copper tinted trumpet fish - the slicks and scents of fresh oil were everywhere with shearwaters wheeling eagerly above. Within minutes we had driven by a 700 that followed us for a few hundred metres and it seemed that it was a change of course that eventually sealed the deal with a decicive and accurate snatching of our long left. Once again we were subjected to the brutal speed and power of these big fish, the like of which, I have never seen during my 33 years here in the Azores. Our second fish of the day, although only 600 took us on yet another long run down sea during the first 20 minutes and then had us wheeling around creating endless spirals of neon white before we finally had the leader nearly an hour later. The conditions and the fish are simply spectacular. The bait is abounding and the water temp. is holding firm at 24ºC - these fish will be here for some time yet and probably well into October.  


Angler Bill Langan, fishing the Azores since 2008 and ready to release a 500, one of his 3 fish caught on the same day

azores marlin fishing

Capt. Louis Sougne (owner of Brasilia Fishing Charters) takes a turn in the chair and releases an 800 aboard the Nola

azores marlin fishing

Angler Jonathan Reddin from the U.K., fishing Azores since 2012 and at "close quarters" with a 750 off the North Coast of Faial

azores marlin fishing
azores marlin fishing
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