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Capt. Les Gallagher 

Marine Life Artist, Author, Designer, Printmaker, Publisher & Game Boat Captain
Fishing the Azores since 1987 and Captain on the Brasilia since 2008
Co-founder, co-owner and Director of Oceanic®
  • dedicated to the greater appreciation, conservation and visual communication of oceanic marine life

  • dedicated to leading anglers to the best possible blue marlin fishing experience

  • dedicated to improving techniques for the safe releasing of fish in best possible condition

  • supporter of "catch & release"of billfish since 1989 and the exclusive use of single books since 2011

  • IGFA representative for Azores

  • ​originally from the Wirral Península, North West UK 

  • purchased and rebuilt an ex ship's wooden lifeboat at age 15-16

  • studiied A-level Art, Geology and Economics

  • arrived Azores in 1987 (age 18) in search of adventure in the open ocean and with big-game fishing

  • worked as crew for the game fishing Co. Pescatur, Lda during 2 seasons

  • fished commercially and successfully for deep-water squid outside game fishing season and paid for a new boat within 3 months

  • Game Boat Captain in the Azores at age 20 

  • the record for the most blue marlin (112) ever caught by one boat in one season in the Azores

  • the record for largest blue marlin ever landed in the Azores - 1310 lb

  • Capt. of the Xacara during the mid 90's with the boat fully booked 2 years in advance and reservations 4 years in advance

  • completed more than 500 scientific marine life species illustrations in china link for the University of the Azores

  • completed extensive design projects aimed at marine life conservation and the promotion of marine science

  • represented the Azores at numerous international expositions

  • participated in the setting up of the 1st professional  blue marlin charter operation in Ghana, West Africa

  • prepared and delivered the 36' Gameboat Harmattan from Ghana to Ascension (1140 miles)

  • prepared and delivered  the 46' Gameboat Andromeda from Azores to Ascension (3200 miles) via the Canaries and the Gambia, West Africa

  • participated in the setting up of the 1st professional blue marlin charter operation on Ascension , South Atlantic

  • created Fishpics® Marine Life Designs /  Co. Les Gallagher

  • completed 350 plus colour species illustrations in collaboration with the University of the Azores

  • created  the Fonte do Rego - rural tourism guest houses - owned and promoted by Co. Les Gallagher

  • co-authored and published multiple marine life species titles with more than 150,000 posters and 13,000 books printed so far

  • created a collection of Limited Edition Marine Life Fine Art Prints with multiple editions of 100 already closed and more than1,600 prints sold to date

  • joined Brasilia Fishing Charters in 2008 supporting its growth to become the largest game-fishing operation in the E. Atlantic

  • Captained the 37' Nola from Nice, France to Azores (1700 miles)

  • prepared and delivered the 31' Paty from Canaries to Azores (900 miles) 

  • completed multiple gameboat refits and re-powered 5 vessel with twin motors to 670 HP

  • competent in all aspects of game boat construction, maintenance and repair (structural, mechanical and electrical) 

  • technician for 5 charter boats during for 5 years for Brasilia Fishing Charters whilst Captaining one of them

  • created one of the world's largest portfolios of "big-fish"game fishing photography 

  • multiple works (articles and photography) published in various magazines including Marlin and Sport Fishing

  • competent in all aspects of accounting, strategic marketing and promotion

  • supported multiple marine life film projects for organisations including BBC Nature, NGTV,  etc

  • creator of the Oceanic® Project

  • co-owner, co-founder and director Fishpics, Lda created for the purchase and promotion of the Oceanic® building 

  • owner, founder and director of Oceanic® Creations, Lda for the promotion of the Oceanic® Store

  • co-owner, designer and builder Oceanic® Cafe 

  • co-owner, designer and builder of Oceanic® Apartments

  • co-owner, designer and builder of Oceanic® Studios (in progress)

  • 50/50 co-owner, co-founder and Director of 2 Fish Boat Works, Lda created for the acquisition of the Double Header

  • exhibited Limited Edition Prints at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2022

  • completed the renovation and began charter fishing with the Double Header in Sept 2023

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